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                    Hello, welcome to Wuxi Shuanghuan Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd website!

                    Enterprise Culutre


                    Three keep and three establish

                    keep faithful to company, keep honesty to colleague,keep zeal to work

                    Establish confidence with strength,Establish credit width action,Establish honor width success.

                    SHUANGHUAN has the excellences,quality excellence,service excellence,manage excellence,develop excellence.We pay attention to our employee's value and see them as the first wealth.We respect of employee's work,emphasize their training and create wide development platform for them.




                    We insist the concept......

                    Honest & Pragmatic,Strive & Innovate,

                    Cooperate & Growth,Sharing & Value.

                    to become the top-ranking brand of steel

                    structure is the duty of shuanghuan.

                    Attitude for our products: