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                    Hello, welcome to Wuxi Shuanghuan Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd website!

                    Company Profile

                    Wuxi Shuanghuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for structure steel, including design, producing and installation. In the field of structure steel, we are the second grade company in China. Every year, we can win the glory certificate on quality and credit. Same time, we expand our match products. Now, we founded the scaffold base and glass wool base. All of our products are very popular in the world.

                    Our company is near the beautiful Taihu Lake. At the side of the national highway, so the traffic is more easier. From our company to the high speed only need 5 minutes. We founded with RMB 30 million registered funds, the mill area is about 98, 000 square meters. We have 380 employee, 80 managers, including some engineers.

                    We can supply various structure steel more than 30, 000 tons annually, the capability of the glass wool is 8000 tons annually, scaffold is 18, 000 tons annually. We have hundreds producing equipments. Such as digital control drill machine, cutting machine, Automatic H-type Steel Fabricating Machine, Automatic Gantry Sub-merged Arc Welding Machine and etc. We also have some testing equipment which control the quality of our products. Our products are mainly for industry workshop, great public building, power plant and various construction and equipment structure.

                    In order to make the company to be the champion in the increasing competitive market, we persist in the principle of pursuing the quality products, competitive price, emphasis service, and putting our clients to the first place while earn development by our sincerity

                    Sincerely welcomes all the friends to visit and cooperate with Wuxi Shuanghuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.